Laura and Enda, a Matakana Wedding with elegance

Laura and Enda (or should we say Laura?) are really organised people. I mean, they booked me so far ahead that we had time to plan their engagement session at their wedding venue (Stables, Matakana) a full year before the wedding.  As their wedding was at the end of my wedding season and I hadn’t seen these two lovely, genuine people in a while I was really looking forward to catching up with them.  I was also looking forward to the wedding as everything sounded so idyllic (small, historic church, horse stables location, reunion with family, Matakana, beach location for getting ready, sparklers) I couldn’t wait for their big day.  It turned out to be such a magic, heartfelt, genuine and moving day and I was honoured to photograph it.

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Logan and Krissy, Engagement Session

In Hawke’s Bay you have some beautiful scenery.  I am still getting used to the big trees, open skies and that warm sun.  Logan and Krissy were open, relaxed and fun to photograph as we walked around some stunning fields and paddocks near their home on the outskirts of Havelock North, in Paki Paki.  With hammocks, sheds, grasses, big beautiful trees and even friendly horses with a couple very much in love – it made for a lovely afternoon with my camera.
Logan&Krissy01 Logan&Krissy02 Logan&Krissy03 Logan&Krissy04 Logan&Krissy05 Logan&Krissy06 Logan&Krissy07 Logan&Krissy08 Logan&Krissy09 Logan&Krissy10 Logan&Krissy11 Logan&Krissy12 Logan&Krissy13 Logan&Krissy14 Logan&Krissy15 Logan&Krissy16 Logan&Krissy17 Logan&Krissy18 Logan&Krissy19 Logan&Krissy20 Logan&Krissy21 Logan&Krissy22 Logan&Krissy23 Logan&Krissy24

Rebecca and Shane, engagement session on Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay

Rebecca and Shane admitted they had never had anything like an engagement photo session before. I was gentle and eased them in to the shoot and the reality of a big camera close to their faces. It turned out to be perfect, as Rebecca and Shane were relaxed and warm – a beautiful couple on a golden autumn day, Te Mata Peak.

Rebecca&Shane01 Rebecca&Shane02 Rebecca&Shane03 Rebecca&Shane04 Rebecca&Shane05 Rebecca&Shane06 Rebecca&Shane07 Rebecca&Shane08 Rebecca&Shane09 Rebecca&Shane10 Rebecca&Shane11 Rebecca&Shane12 Rebecca&Shane13 Rebecca&Shane14 Rebecca&Shane15

Kylie and Mark, a vintage wedding

Vintage china, a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, and an upcycled vintage wedding dress all made for a personal and special wedding for Kylie and Mark.  Kylie loves most things vintage, and Mark loves cars so there had to be a grand cool Caddy and vintage tea cups and a high tea buffet at the reception.  A beautiful day on the beachfront of Little Shoal Bay and bridal photos at the Chelsea Sugar Works also made for a magic day.

MarkKylieWedding01 MarkKylieWedding02 MarkKylieWedding03 MarkKylieWedding04 MarkKylieWedding05 MarkKylieWedding06 MarkKylieWedding08 MarkKylieWedding09 MarkKylieWedding10 MarkKylieWedding11 MarkKylieWedding12 MarkKylieWedding13 MarkKylieWedding14 MarkKylieWedding15 MarkKylieWedding16 MarkKylieWedding17 MarkKylieWedding18 MarkKylieWedding19 MarkKylieWedding20 MarkKylieWedding21 MarkKylieWedding22 MarkKylieWedding23 MarkKylieWedding24 MarkKylieWedding25 MarkKylieWedding26 MarkKylieWedding27 MarkKylieWedding28 MarkKylieWedding29 MarkKylieWedding30 MarkKylieWedding31 MarkKylieWedding32 MarkKylieWedding33 MarkKylieWedding34 MarkKylieWedding35 MarkKylieWedding36 MarkKylieWedding37 MarkKylieWedding38 MarkKylieWedding39 MarkKylieWedding40 MarkKylieWedding41 MarkKylieWedding42 MarkKylieWedding43 MarkKylieWedding44 MarkKylieWedding45 MarkKylieWedding46 MarkKylieWedding47 MarkKylieWedding48

Maureen and Pat – an ever so slightly wet Auckland City Wedding

When the wedding day rolled round no-one was that sure that the weather would hold.  Normally I try and hold out for nice weather for the bridal photos but the weather behaved for Maureen and Pat staying dry for their rooftop wedding, but rained during the bridal photos.  It didn’t matter as we had the covered walkways and some palm trees to shelter under, and looped around in Chancery in Auckland City and back to the venue for the reception.  Maureen and Pat are perfect for eachother and once Pat got over the emotions of the ceremony we all had a good laugh.

Maureen&Pat01 Maureen&Pat02 Maureen&Pat03 Maureen&Pat04 Maureen&Pat05 Maureen&Pat06 Maureen&Pat07 Maureen&Pat08 Maureen&Pat09 Maureen&Pat10 Maureen&Pat11 Maureen&Pat12 Maureen&Pat13 Maureen&Pat14 Maureen&Pat15 Maureen&Pat16 Maureen&Pat17 Maureen&Pat18 Maureen&Pat19 Maureen&Pat20 Maureen&Pat21 Maureen&Pat22 Maureen&Pat23 Maureen&Pat24 Maureen&Pat25 Maureen&Pat26 Maureen&Pat27 Maureen&Pat28 Maureen&Pat29 Maureen&Pat30 Maureen&Pat31 Maureen&Pat32 Maureen&Pat33 Maureen&Pat34 Maureen&Pat35 Maureen&Pat36 Maureen&Pat37 Maureen&Pat38 Maureen&Pat39 Maureen&Pat40 Maureen&Pat41 Maureen&Pat42 Maureen&Pat43

Shontelle and Daniel, a West Auckland vineyard wedding

Shontelle and Daniel have been together for such a long time, but are still very much in love and it was lovely to see them getting married in such a beautiful venue as Markovina in West Auckland.  The gardens were manicured and beautiful, but the light was so lovely in the late afternoon sun that we decided to go out into the orchard and grapevines instead.


Penny and Izzy, Family Portrait Session in Frimley Park

Penny won our recent wedding show competition, but she (as far as I know) is not getting married so we decided to make it a family portrait session with Penny and her daughter Izzy.  Lets just say my focus skills got tested as Izzy was going to run around the Frimley Park in Hastings come hell or high water, and wasn’t going to sit still and wait for me to adjust all my camera settings for hours on end.  However the energy was honest and real and gave the photos a fresh, un-posed and natural look.

DSC_3780 DSC_3786 DSC_3802 DSC_3868 DSC_3876 DSC_3894 DSC_3921 DSC_3932 DSC_3941 DSC_3944 DSC_3947 DSC_3950 DSC_3967 DSC_4000 DSC_4012 DSC_4041 DSC_4090 DSC_4097 DSC_4125 DSC_4129 DSC_4179 DSC_4192 DSC_4193 DSC_4197 DSC_4215 DSC_4223 DSC_4234 DSC_4235 DSC_4273 DSC_4286 DSC_4292 DSC_4380 DSC_4410 DSC_4463 DSC_4472

A pine engagement session – Shontelle and Daniel

These two will be married less than a week, just in time for a short engagement session and to have a look around at Markovina, West Auckland (a pretty venue, I’m getting amped about photographing it!).  It was nice to get some photos taken of these two, as they were not to sure what to expect and now they must.  The grand trees and still forest setting were just lovely to get these two used to being photographed.

ShontelleDaniel01 ShontelleDaniel02 ShontelleDaniel03 ShontelleDaniel04 ShontelleDaniel06 ShontelleDaniel05 ShontelleDaniel07 ShontelleDaniel08 ShontelleDaniel09 ShontelleDaniel10 ShontelleDaniel11 ShontelleDaniel12 ShontelleDaniel13 ShontelleDaniel14 ShontelleDaniel15


Alexis and Grant, an Auckland City urban wedding

Alexis and Grant, by their own admission, do not like to take lots of time to plan things and approached me less than a month before they were due to get married. When I discovered that Alexis and Grant were to be married in Auckland’s landmark Hotel DeBrett, I got very excited indeed.  With beautiful staircases and lifts, vintage furniture, colourful decor and beautiful wood finishing it was an amazing venue. Alexis looked poised, elegant and radiant in a vintage style dress and make-up and a classic rose and ivy bouquet.

 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding01 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding03 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding04 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding06 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding10 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding09 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding07 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding11 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding13 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding08 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding05 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding14 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding20 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding19a Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding22 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding21 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding23 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding24 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding15 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding17 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding16 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding25 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding26 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding27 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding29 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding30 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding31 Alexis and Grant - Auckland Wedding.32 Alexis and Grant Wedding33